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12/30/2023 / 25 Minutes of Screen Time With This One Neat Trick!

I played Style Savvy: Trendsetters all day, so I didn't use my phone. It's been so long since I've fallen into a game like this, fallen in love with a game, been able to enjoy myself like this.

12/29/2023 / Style Savvy: Trendsetters

I bought Style Savvy: Trendsetters used today for half off & I'm already obsessed. Was hard to put it down & get ready for bed.

12/26/2023 / Animal(s) Crossing(s)

Started playing ACNL & ACWW (again) these past few days. Haven't really been playing because I've been out of state & visiting family, but now I'm playing when I have a quiet moment. I got Happy Home Designer for Christmas, so I played that yesterday too. (I did such a good job on Goldie's house!) I found three lucky clovers in Wild World.

12/18/2023 / Fast Car

Been listening to Fast Car by Tracy Chapman these past couple of days, on a loop. I love this song. I'll have to add it to my 2023 song list.

Been eating so many good foods: my aunt's cookies, fancy chocolates, Turkish delights for the first time, dried seaweed, smoked fish, choco mousse cake. That's only from today.

12/14/2023 / POiSON GiRL FRiEND

Found this new album, MELTING MOMENT by POiSON GiRL FRiEND & I very much like it! I think my favorite song from the album- so far- is FACT 2. I saw someone compare this music to Stereolab, & I would agree.

I tried egg nog for the first time since childhood & I actually really like it. I've had several cups of it since yesterday.

12/12/2023 / Iced gingerbread chai

The iced gingerbread chai from Starbucks is actually pretty good. I don't normally like their winter-y drinks.

12/10/2023 / I have the long coveted 3DS now!

I got a 3DS for Christmas! I opened it early, because I'm leaving in a few days for Oregon. I started Animal Crossing New Leaf. The moment I saw Rover, I squealed in delight.

12/04/2023 / Drinks & Neopets

I had a peppermint matcha that was good, but that I will not get again. (Vashti's score: 6/10 stars). I had instant coffee which was weirdly good. (Vashti's score: 8/10 stars, at least).

I made a Neopets account, because Sarah & Tabi & Cubone (Tillie) have one & it seems fun. It's confusing, but I still like it.

I checked out Crime & Punishment from the library today & bought four Ranma 1/2 DVDs. I've never read or watched the series, but they were twenty five cents each, so why not?

12/03/2023 / Miso Soup II

More miso soup (leftovers) & I read Berserk 1 & 2. I bought 1-6 half off at the used bookstore because my sister said it was really good. It's just alright so far. It holds my attention, but I don't really see what's so special about it (yet).

12/02/2023 ? Miso Soup & Other Things

E gave me miso soup supplies & my miso soup actually turned out pretty well. I didn't use a recipe for it, just E's intructions. It wasn't as good as E's, but it was good for my first attempt. I liked it so much that I ate three bowls of it. I wish I had mushrooms & wakame to go in it, but at least I had tofu.

I tried Koala's March Bitter Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies. I can't really describe how the taste beyond dark chocolate, because I scarfed them down really quickly, which means they're good, I think. I also tried this blueberry-something tea at a Mediterranean place. I shared this chicken pita thing with my dad, but I didn't like it. I wanted a spicy lamb one, but he refuses to eat lamb, which is stupid. What's the difference between a cow & a lamb? Very little.

I got Cult of the Lamb on my Nintendo Switch because it was on sale. It's laggy, but fun. I'm not very good at it. My cult doesn't like me very much because I keep getting my ass kicked & dying. Oops.

Tried to play Resident Evil 4, but my joystick on my Switch is really messed up & I could barely move Leon or aim his gun. Going to try to get it fixed before I leave for Oregon.

Drank Dr. Pepper & mango flavored Calipco & ate part of a Twix.

11/16/2023 / Peng! 33 by Stereolab & Iced Passion Tea

I've been listening to Peng! 33 a lot over the past few days. I keep singing the chorus to myself: "Incredible things are happening in the world / Magical things are happening in this world." I sing it in a loop, even though it's only sung twice in the actual song.

I have a new favorite drink from Starbucks, one that was recommended to me: Venti passion iced tea, water substituted for soy milk, five vanillas, & topped with a strawberry puree vanilla cold foam. It's really good. It has a subtle taste to it, a nice fruit taste. It was cheaper than my regular order too. I think it ended up being $5.?? Vashti's score: ★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10 stars)!

I tried this snack tonight called Peropero (Original) that I got from H-Mart last week. It looked like Pocky, but was cheaper. It tasted like Pocky, but was better. I'll definitely get it again. I got an almond one, too. I haven't tried that one yet. I really like chocolate with nuts or wafers or some other crunchy thing. Texture is a big factor in determining what foods I enjoy, moreso than most people I think.

11/05/2023 / So many things to enjoy, so much to be happy about! (Snack reviews)
First, new music discoveries: I found this band called Timothy Orchestra & have been having trouble finding their music, which is sad, because what I've heard is so good! What I heard reminds me of Capsule's Cutie Cinema Replay album. Also have been listening to Molchat Doma's Этажи (2018) album, a no skip album for me. I've had many of its songs saved for a while, but it's been only the past week or so where I've actually listened to the album itself.

Snack review time: JagaRico (Hokkaido butter flavored) & Tao Kae Noi seaweed snack (original flavor)! Perfect texture & perfect taste for both, especially the seaweed. I love eating dried seaweed, and I've never had any quite as good as the Tao Kae Noi ones. I told myself to save some for later, but inhaled an entire bag because they were so yummy. Definitely buying more when I go to H-Mart next.

Vashti's score: ★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10 stars)! Actually for the seaweed, ★★★★★★★★★★★ (11/10 stars)!

10/21/2023 / Many small pleasures
I normally talk about food on this page, but let's talk about something different. Let's talk about Sonny Angels. I only have two of them, but I am falling into the throes of the Sonny Angels. I am within their grasp. I can feel their cute little wings beating. I want some more so badly. I've been carrying my anteater one around with me in my wallet, a small source of comfort. I bought myself a small figure, a small Goldie figure that I'd been wanting for some time.

Back on the topic of food, I enjoyed a vanilla bean Frappuccino today. My dad bought it for me. Those used to be my favorite when I was a kid. I still love it. Ate chicken & veggie pho today too. Vashti's score: ★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10 stars)!

I have the song I Will by Mitski in my head, especially the lines And we're not out of the tunnel / I bet you, though, there's an end / So stay with me / Hold my hand / There's no need / To be brave. I couldn't get it out of my head, so I gave it a listen during my night walk. I've been having nighttime strolls lately. I'm so busy that there are some days I wouldn't get out at all unless I went for a walk after dark. It's very freeing.

10/11/2023 / Snack Review: Iced Matcha Lattes (Again)
I've been in an iced matcha latte phase... not sure why. I even had a dream about drinking one. They're normally just alright to me, but at the moment I would say that they're my drink of choice. Maybe it's because I hardly drink them that I'm enjoying them so much. I've been in search of novelty lately. I normally take regular milk in my drinks, but my sister drinks her matcha lattes with soy milk, & I've now become partial to that. I bought one for myself last night (no ice), put it in the fridge, woke up this morning wanting it & didn't let myself have it till I did my schoolwork. As someone who is a very good student let me tell you, this method works every single time. I call it "Fridge Jail" & I have all A's. If you want a more technical, more psychological term for it, I'm using an extrinsic motivator.

Vashti's score: ★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10 stars)!

10/09/2023 / Snack Review: Kuii Coconut Milk
Over the weekend, my father went to a Mexican bakery & bought me a drink, a "Kuii Strawberry Flavor Coconut Milk Drink with Nata de Coco." It's a mouthful, but it's delicious! It has a gentle strawberry flavor, delicious, and as someone who does not like strawberry milk, I am happy to report that it is does not taste like strawberry milk! Vashti is a big fan of coconut, so I enjoy this coconut milk drink. With each drink, you get bits of nata de coco to chew on, & their texture is amazing. If you're a fan of boba or of jelly candies, I recommend this drink!

Vashti's score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10 stars)!

10/08/2023 / Music that I've been listening to on this soft Sunday
As I've been writing today, Vashti's been listening to Stereolab's Dots & Loops. Then after finishing that, I put on For Lovers by Lamp. (Vashti was serious about listening to that on Sundays again). Sufjan Stevens released his new album Javelin, so I'm excited to give that a listen later. Right now I'm listening to my music on a small speaker oustide on our porch, but I think I'll listen to Javelin with my headphones on. It just seems more fitting that way.

10/03/2023 / Rediscoveries: Spongebob & Vashti Bunyan
I've been on a Vashti Bunyan kick ever since Tavi over at weirdfeelings reached out to me via my guestbook where we talked about Vashti Bunyan. I hadn't given her a listen in a while, but I do really love her music. I've also been watching Spongebob with my little brother. Apparently his favorite episode is Shanghaied; It's interesting to learn all of these little things about him. He has an entire inner life that I know nothing about, & that includes Spongebob episode preferences & the fact that he watches hamster mazes on YouTube. I've felt a bit stuck in the past these past few days, but in a bad way, so it's nice to relive some of the nice bits of my past.

09/25/2023 / 花火 (2001 EP by Capsule) & Strawberry Switchblade
Was listening to some more of Capsule's discography yesterday, as I've only really listened to their album Cutie Cinema Replay prior. Listened to their 花火 & music controller EPs, with 花火 being my favorite. I like all four songs off the EP, but my favorite is definitely 写真, with 花火 in second place. I was listening to 写真 as I took a night walk; It was very nice. Texted E asking her i she could tell me what it means. The lyrics would be nice, but I'd like to at least know the titles. They seem very summer-y to me, especially 花火. I think the kanji 火 means fire, but I could be wrong.

I've also been listening to Strawberry Switchblade again. Well, the only song that I'd ever heard from them was Beautiful End, but I've been listening to some of their Strawberry Switchblade (1985) album, because I had seen dfbw mention their song Go Away, from the same album. I think they only have the one album, actually. They may have other singles or EPs, but I think that 1985 album is their only studio album. Anyways, enjoying the album greatly.

09/24/2023 / Dark of the Matinee & Lamp, again
As of recently, I have taken to listening to Radio Garden on occasion, my favorite station being Radio Pikez in Brest, France. It's full of songs that I wouldn't normally listen to, one of those being The Dark of the Matinee by Franz Ferdinand, a song that I've been listening to a lot recently. I just really like the singer's voice, especially as he sings, "Oh, how you'd have a happy life if you did the things you like" & "Yes it's easy now / Yes it's easy now." I can't explain it; I just like it. That's it.

I've also decided to start listening to Lamp on Sundays again, more specifically their For Lovers album, even more specifically their Out On Sunny Sunday song. It used to be my Sunday ritual, so I am bringing it back.

>On the topic of rituals, I have begun playing Wild World every day again. I think I really like the game because Vashti is a creature of schedules & routines & that is how I play the game. I have a small to-do list whenever I play: 1) Water my turnip 2) Check the mail 3) Water the flowers while looking for dig spots, say hello to everyone you see along the way 4) If you haven't already, say hello to Butch 5) Go to the museum & bring your un-donated fossils to Nook's & say hello to Sable 6) Shake your fruit trees (I have a rotating schedule for them, too). 7) Donate 30000 bells to Boondox 8) Remember to get coffee at the Roost. I do this routine without even thinking about it & I enjoy it dearly. I wish my hands were in better condition so I could play for longer periods.

Vashti's Gamelog, from before I incorporated it here.
11/20/2023 | House Flipper

The only game that I’ve really played this month is House Flipper of all things. I watched Jerma play it & it looked fun & I wanted something simple & noncommittal. It was $25, but I think that it was money well spent because I played it for eight hours the day I got it, a full work day. I don’t know why it’s so fun to me. It felt good to lose myself in a video game. I haven’t done that in a while.

Anyways, I bought a house on the Moon in the game. Maybe I’ll upload pictures when I’m done furnishing it. It’s a silly game, but I’m having a fun time with it. If I’m still into it by Christmas time, I’ll get myself the pets & garden DLCs.

Playing it reminds me of the fact that I'm going to die one day, for some reason. Is that strange? It's not even in a dread-inducing way. I just play it & have thoughts of death.

10/29/2023 | ACWW
More Able sisters gossip! Mabel is pissed at Nook because he didn't say good morning to her, but Sable is happy that Nook likes the clothes that she made for him. Apparently his a tanuki of few words, so all of his words have a lot of weight to them. I paid off my loan, it was a million something bells. I didn't think my house could get bigger, but apparently I'm getting another upgrade! My roof is going to be purple this time~ Nook sent me a Nook N' Go model in the mail & my new neighbor Joey came over. Boone left today, good riddance. Butch has a new catchphrase & it's "lesbo."

10/21/2023 | ACWW
Never before seen dialogue with the Able sisters! (Also, I love how Nook is the town pariah, a constant source of gossip). It wouldn't let me give Mabel any medicine though...

& I don't know if I mentioned this, but I got a little Goldie figure on Tuesday! I've wanted her since August or so, actually the August before last August. I've wanted this dog for over a year. She wasn't even that expensive, it's just that I couldn't justify spending more than ten dollars on her the first time that I saw her, and I finally found her again, at a Barnes and Noble, for cheaper.

10/15/2023 | ACWW
Saved one million bells and got... a tissue box. Wow. New flowers: several purple pansies, two orange pansies, three orange roses, two pink roses, a purple rose, two golden roses, & a Jacob's ladder. First time participating in the Acorn Festival because I normally get too depressed to play this time of year & Vashti got an ugly mushroom stool & an ultra cute mushroom table! I missed K.K. last night, but I have oranges now! I've managed to propogate a bunch of orange trees! Butch was sick for the past week or so because I forgot about him one day & he went without his medicine. (Sorry Butch, you're my favorite villager too). An elephant named Big Top moved in & he keeps calling me a villain, not sure how to feel about him, but at least he's not Rasher! I fell for an art insurance scam too. I'm not even winning in my fake Animal Crossing life.

10/02/2023 | ACWW
Mint moved out & this fucker named 'Rasher' moved in & any time I talk to him he calls me 'swine.' Leave Lilypad. Leave our town. No one wants you. I bought 20k bells worth of turnips & the day before that, I left the song up to K.K. & he gave me one I already had... disappointing. Chevre moved in & sent me an orange & I now love her. Kody is moving out. I wish it were Rasher instead, but I haven't really gotten close to Kody, so good riddance. I paid Katrina 10k bells to cleanse my aura today.

09/26/2023 | ACWW & LOZ Phantom Hourglass
Vashti completed her fucking fossil collection... YIPPEE! Oh also Mint is moving away; Oh well. Tant pis as they say in French. Started LOZ Phantom Hourglass & made it to the Island of Embers or whatver it's called. Man, the game really flies when you vaguely remember playing the beginning back when you were in elementary school!

09/25/2023 | ACWW
Nook still isn't selling any fucking axes! ...Making it very hard to redo my fruit tree placements... Chevre moved in & Redd comes tomorrow. Butch said he hates company but doesn't mind having me around.

09/24/2023 & the past few days | ACWW
Yay Day today, haven't gotten the chance to compliment my animal friends because my wrists were hurting too badly to play. Caught two shooting stars, wow! I got the fucking Master Sword from Zelda, holy shit! I received a letter from past me to future me telling me to stay resilient, right when I needed it. 70k HRA points, came with a one story house model which is soooo cute. Another hybrid, more orange pansies. And I have two gold roses now, don't know if I'd ever mentioned that. Got K.K. Fusion from K.K. Butch has it, so I decided I needed it, because I love Butch & he is my favorite. Mint is sick again.

Popped back in to say: Pompom gave me her picture!!! And I got some pink roses.

09/18/2023 & 09/19/2023 | ACWW
Haven't been able to play as much as I'd like on account of all of the wrist pain that I've had. Finally have some hybrids! Orange pansies & the black roses. As I was ready to save & quit, I saw Pete & naturally felt the urge to shoot him out of the sky & watch him fall to Earth like Icarus. Lot's of Pelly drama, poor Pelly. Pompom called me broke & then Butch came over again that night. Harvested peaches yesterday & held off on harvesting my cherries today; I want to let all of my trees grow out so I can see which ones are producing. Biskit moved away, too. & Mallary will be all better tomorrow. Got scammed by Redd again. Kody is coming at 5:55 PM tonight before class starts.

09/17/2023 | ACWW
Bought a red turnip seed from Joan, (stalk market crash yesterday), apple harvest & the Bug Off! Guess who won... Vashti! Or rather... Frog, (my Animal Crossing name). I also popped a balloon with a screen in it, too bad I already had one. Mallary's sick so I brought her medicine. Mint was sick yesterday & Pompom before that. Speaking of Pompom, she almost won the Bug Off with a monarch, but Vashti was able to catch an emperor butterfly. Donated 30k more Bells to Boondox & Butch told me he thinks the whole thing is a scam, & that Tortimer's pocketing all of my hard earned Bells!

09/16/2023 | ACWW & Petz Catz 2
Played Wild World again: Harvested my cherries & coconuts, found no new fossils, no new fish, no new bugs. I think I fell for an insurance scam... It's been a mundane day in Wild World & a mundane day in my actual life.

Started a game of Petz Catz 2 on the Wii. I didn't recall ever having played it & for good reason. My last save was in the tutorial zone. I was really enjoying myself & how tacky & silly the game was, but my wrist hurt too much to continue playing. Unfortunate.

09/15/2023 | ACWW
I've been playing ACWW every day for the past few days. Between ACWW & ACNH, Wild World is definitely my favorite. It's not nostalgia obscuring my view of the truth either, because I actually played New Horizons first if my meomory serves me right. (Though it often doesn't. It seems to be self serving for the most part).

I opened the mail to find that Boondox had sent me a blue feather as a thank you for my donations. Someone wrote saying that they could buy medicine for their pet turtle now. Harvested & sold my many peaches today & found a few new bugs & a fish, a goldfish. I remember the goldfish because Blathers had said that he used to have a pet goldfish named Sir Blithers. When I stopped by the Roost for my daily cup of coffee, I ran into Rover. He spoke about a mystery cat that he was in search of, one missing a face, how strange. I've yet to run into her. Gave Marina a twinkle shirt, brought Mint some medicine, & met my new neighbor Kody. I forgot that my little mouse friend moved out, Samson. Well, we weren't really friends. I wasn't sad to see him go. It's not like how I'll feel when Butch moves away; I'll be bereft.

(I wish I could upload actual screenshots rather than photos of my DS screen, but alas. Pretend that the poor photo quality & tech limitations are charming and not in fact limitations).