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April 2024

Nothing to Declare, MGMT

Young Girl A, PowapowaP

“ああ 遠い夢を追いかけてさ
早い 早い 早い 早い 早い
早い 早い 早い 早い 早い
早い 早い 早い 早い 追いつけないよ”

Gretel, Alex G

“I don’t wanna go back / Nobody’s gonna push me off track, uh huh / I see what they do / Good people got something to lose, uh huh”

For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti, Sufjan Stevens

“Even if I come back, even if I die
Is there some idea to replace my life?”

Taking, Alex G

“That’s how she found me this morning / Bundled my head in her arms”

My Dear Giant, The Marshmallow Kisses

Runner, Alex G

March 2024

Drawn to the Blood, Sufjan Stevens

My Dear Giant, The Marshmallow Kisses

“In a second you may come back and I may fall / I lost my papers missed the chances I owe you all”

Runner, Alex G

“They hit you with the rolled up magazine”

Josephine's Shop, My Little Airport

“But Josephine / You may think your pals cannot lose you / Probably they need you so much / More than they love you / So why don't you abandon them? / Let yourself be free / This world is bigger than / What we always believe in / So why don't you try to fade out / From your dream of dreams? / Try to take the other risks / Your life should not be like this”

Into Eternity, Jens Lekman

“I have a love / I have a love for this world / A kind of love that will break my heart / A kind of love that reconstructs and remodels the past / That adds a dryness to the dry August grass / That adds the sunshine to the magnifying glass / And makes me fight for something that just can't last”

Mass Anesthesia, Mediavolo

“So many cars, queuing in lines / Such a sight just fills my heart with awe / Silent sadness fills my heart / In vapors of gas / Hours slowly pass / Yet, people don’t seem to care at all / Such a sight just fills my heart with awe / They just heed the highway call”

Bigmouth Strikes Again, The Smiths

とある一家の御茶会議, Kururingo

Call It What You Want, Foster the People

L'Hiver Indien, Baloji