Site updates, with the exception of my diary & daily logs which are uploaded daily, & small clerical updates, which I do not think are worth recording.

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02/23/2024 / dream01.html updated, 2024media.html updated (I've been watching an episode of The Sopranos each night that I get the chance. I really like the show so far. It's very movie-like.), writings.html updated ("Current Feelings")

02/21/2024 / dream01.html updated (at this point it's basically daily, hm?), remember.html updated

02/20/2024 / dream01.html updated, muse01.html updated, 2024media.html updated

02/19/2024 / writings.html udpated (Ramune rankings & "To-do"), dream01.html updated, 2024media.html updated, muse01.html updated

02/17/2024 / writings.html updated ("Comfort"), dream01.html updated

02/16/2024 / dream01.html updated, Ramune rankings page updated (found on writings.html)

02/15/2024 / dream01.html updated, 2024media.html updated (brand new style)

02/14/2024 / disabled site profile (If you want to contact me, you can email me. Otherwise, I need to hide under a rock for a while before I lose my mind.), remember.html updated ("Don't be both the creator & the critic."), writings.html updated (kaomoji stash, city pop recommendations, & misc. songs), general housekeeping, 2024media.html updated

02/13/2024 / 2024media.html updated, index.html updated, remember.html updated, archive01.html updated

02/12/2024 / dream01.html updated, 2024media.html updated, new favicon (Snoopy)

02/11/2024 / recipes.html updated, dream01.html updated

02/10/2024 / recipes.html updated, dream01.html updated

02/09/2024 / responded to guestbook comment (off site, no need to worry about me), writings.html updated

02/08/2024 / responded to guestbook comments (off site, thank you so much, much love to you all), muse01.html updated, remember.html created

02/07/2024 / Revamp: new index & homepage, updated siteabout.html, joined a writing club (muse01.html), dream01.html updated

02/05/2024 / dream01.html updated, 2024about02.html updated

02/04/2024 / home.html updated, dream01.html, 2024media.html updated, about.html renamed 2023about.html, 2024about01.html created, 2024about02.html created

02/03/2024 / dream01.html updated

02/02/2024 / dream01.html updated

02/01/2024 / 2024monthly.html created, edited my diary pages so that they link to both their previous & newer pages, home.html updated, dream01.html updated (I've been remembering my dreams lately...), 2024media.html updated, tarot01.html

01/31/2024 / dream01.html updated, 2024media.html

01/30/2024 / responded to guestbook comment (off site, thank you), 2024media.html updated

01/29/2024 / poetry.html updated (added Missed Time by Ha Jin)

01/28/2024 / dream01.html updated, dangerous.html updated, commonplace.html updated

01/26/2024 / responded to guestbook comments (off site, thank you so much)

01/25/2024 / 2024media.html updated

01/24/2024 / poetry.html created, archive.html updated, index.html updated

01/23/2024 / dream01.html updated, writings.html updated, commonplace.html updated

01/19/2024 / 2024media.html updated

01/18/2024 / 2024media.html updated

01/17/2024 / tarot01.html updated, dream01.html updated

01/16/2024 / responded to guestbook comment (off site)

01/15/2024 / dangerous.html updated, kitchen.html created, dream01.html updated, writing.html updated

01/14/2024 / 2024media.html updated

01/11/2024 / responded to guestbook comments (off site), dangerous.html updated, commonplace.html updated

01/09/2024 / writings.html updated

01/08/2024 / stickerbook.html updated

01/07/2024 / 2024log.html created, dangerous.html updated, commonplace.html updated

01/06/2024 / diary05.html created, bookbug.html updated, 2024media.html updated

01/04/2024 / home.html updated, media.html renamed 2023media.html, 2024media.html created

01/02/2024 / media.html updated, commonplace.html updated