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Feb 2024

A new layout, an attempt to have unfettered fun. It looks like the physical diaries that I've kept in the past, something I've always sought in designing this site. I'm still leaving the diary pages empty, as they are.


Vashti's Room as of Jan 2024, before I rearranged it.

I put my resolutions up for the new year, the entry page has had the same text for a few months. I'm changing & rearranging my digital room the way I chose to rearrange up my physical room.


Vashti's Room Nov 2023

Added a small section with notes to self to my homepage, like I have a tendency to do in my physical journals. Contemplating adding some more decoration & structuring the page using columns.


Vashti's Room Oct 2023

After totally purging my site of all graphics & most CSS & even HTML, I was left with an absolute blank white slate. This pigeon, hand drawn by me, is the first image added to Vashti 2.0. My idea moving forward is to slowly add personal drawings, writings, & decor like you would to a journal. The key words here being slowly & journal, because that's the essence of this site.