I love to: write, read, interpret my dreams, cook & eat, read my tarot cards, take walks & public transport, get dressed in the morning, take long baths, & spend my days in relative idleness

I love to taste: udon & soba & pho & coffee & sweets & buckwheat tea & miso soup & tikka masala & veggie samosas

I love to listen to: birds chirping, distant trains, & music: Okurimono by Hyakkei, Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens, Kokou no Gadan by Kyojaku, Halcali Bacon, Manamoon by Serani Poji / Math rock, Shibuya-kei, Vocaloid, & almost anything really

I love to feel: the sun on my skin, a cool breeze, the weight of my body as I lay down to go to sleep

I love to smell: fresh air, rain, my cooking, & bleach

I love to see, to look at, & to watch: the clouds, birds, the flames of candles, & movies
↳ I see a lot of new movies, because I like to go to the theatre when I'm feeling sad.

My favorite visual artists: Yoshitomo Nara, Maria Prymachenko, Mark Rothko, Yoshitaka Amano, & Aya Takano

My favorite video games: Animal Crossing: Wild World, Style Savvy: Trendsetters, Persona 5 Royal, Fable II, & Stardew Valley

My favorite things to read: classic literature, Banana Yoshimoto, Yotsuba, Junji Ito, & poetry

My favorite movies are: The Thing (1982), Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022), Spirited Away (2001), But I'm a Cheerleader (1999)

I love... so many things: my Build-a-Bear frog, pigeons, jellyfish, clovers, Snoopy, angels, FRUiTS Magazine, stamps & stickers, Calico Critters, Sonny Angels, pins, & keychains

But most of all,

"I love you / I'm glad I exist"