Built a soccer field outside of Nook's today. Looking to expand the little city part of my island, but it's SUCH a pain to landscape, move trees, etc. The Happy Home DLC really has landscaping down- You're given an aerial point of view, and you're able to drag paths/designs rather than place them each individually. You're also not forced to place furniture by hand, making designs much more experimental and noncommital. (And by extension, far more enjoyable).

Took Kappn's tour and got a sakura island! I think I've only gotten one or two others before. And what DIY did I get? The outdoor picnic set, one of the very few that I already had. My disappointment in inxepressible. I don't typically rage quit games, but I shut ACNH down immediately. I'm still so pissed. You'd think that there'd be some system in place to prioritize DIYs that you don't already have. I get that ACNH is partially about visting the islands of friends, exchanging items and DIYs, but come on man. I'm just gonna give the DIY to my sister, but what if the player has no one like that? It just makes the doubles an absolute waste. The fact that I played daily and still didn't get even close to all of the autumn DIYs should say something. I think there should be one guaranteed seasonal DIY per day. It incentivizes daily play, reflecting Animal Crossing's roots.