There was no place for me online, so I decided to make my own. This site is for me and me alone. I have no audience other than myself and any future selves. I don't mind visitors, though. I want this site to be like a scrapbook or journal. I want to have fun with the process of creation with no product in mind. This site is complete, but never finished. Even though it was before my time, the internet used to be a more personal place. It used to be gaudy and tacky. The era of personal web pages was more free, more customizable. Your web page could genuinely be anything you wanted. I think everyone should revert back to that colorful pupa. I think what I want is authenticity. This site is to practice being my authentic self, if I have one.

Enjoy your stay. This is my room, but the door is always open to you. Knock and I will greet you with a smile.

10/09/2022 | Just finished an English paper- super duper lame! Had to be a how to article, so I chose thrift shopping. Speaking of, going thrift shopping with a new friend from school Tuesday. Unfortunately, first comes Monday, AKA work. Whatever though! I've been making a killing in tips lately, so I don't even care about how awful work is. My avarice will keep me going. Haven't been thrift shopping in a really long time, which is unfortunate because it's one of my favorite hobbies. I've just been saving money for school. We're also going to Build-a-Bear, which I am absolutely ecstatic about. Maybe I should've written my how to article on going to B-A-B, would've been funny.

10/08/2022 | Hello all! Or more likely, hello future me! Kinda coded and ran for a while there. Felt almost guilty about it, which feels silly to admit. Then I thought about it, and realized it's a normal thing to set down the things you love for a while. If you're reading this, remember you can always pick them back up again.

I've been thinking about starting a new diary; That's another one of my beloved hobbies I set down for a bit. Not too long, though. I think my last entry was a couple of weeks ago, maybe as little as just a week, but it feels like a much longer gap than that. My mind's made it into a chasm. I have a habit of distorting things into their extremes, I don't know where it comes from. Maybe it's a part of my personality, but I'm not so sure. I don't think it's deeply engrained enough; I think with effort I can change that part of myself. I'm not sure it's an entirely bad thing, though. More like a neutral thing. I'm not quite sure it's such a good thing to judge parts of yourself as either good or bad, I think that's just another way of distorting things into extremes. I think most things aren't solely good or bad, they're a weird, icky mixture.

Anyways, my diary! I think I want to start a new one. Started to really digress there. I don't know why I want a new one, other than the fact that I feel like a new person. I don't know how quite to explain it, but I've just felt much better lately. I've been taking good care of myself and making an incredible effort to feel happy, and it's been working. I used to define myself as someone who was sad, perhaps temperamental, but I was wrong.