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About the site in Vashti's words

This site is my room, my home on the web. You could also call it my diary, albeit a digital one. ”Room,” “site,” & “diary” are are all synonyms here. No matter how it’s referred to, it’s a place for me to be myself, my authentic self. It exists for me & only me, but you are always welcome here. If the door is shut, I will open it with a smile. If I’m not here, you can always let yourself in.

As I said before, this site is mine, but you may find some value in it if you:

  • enjoy diary keeping, list writing, & the documentation of daily life
  • appreciate the mundane
  • like pigeons & feed the birds
  • don’t mind typos
  • need a place to lie down & rest for a while

  • About the site in others' words

  • "the bits of your soul that i see through your writing are beautiful, like the sun through a stained glass window. thank you for sharing them."
  • "I think the little prince from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book would probably love to be your friend and would love your drawing much more than the pilots."
  • "The entire layout of the site is great too, easy on the eyes and the general theme makes it feel like i'm opening up a box of letters I've received from an old friend. I also love the way you write, you're very articulate and the way you speak is very intimate. You appear so unrestrained but gentle and it's such a breath of fresh air."
  • candid and intimate
  • like a doctor's office (in a good way)
  • "The simplicity of your site is very soothing."
  • "It’s simple and it does what you want it to do: express yourself."
  • " I love your site, the simple elegance of its design and the fluidity of your writing. I'm touched by how candid you are in your about page."
  • "i read some of your pages today and i think it helped me clear some things out of my head. it made me feel a bit less alone and i think i know how to solve things now, thank you."

  • Design philosophy

    My pages are plain, blank, & mostly undecorated because a few months ago, I purged my site of everything except for text. I’ve found that the process of designing pages & keeping up with them gets in the way of what I want to do, which is to write. I began to see the upkeep of the site as an obstacle, when for the most part, I just wanted to write about my day. In other words, the plain & somewhat empty pages you see here are actually full of purpose.

    Contact & 88x31 button

    You can contact me through email (mailvashti@gmail.com) or you can leave me a message in my guestbook. Either are okay with me.

    If you want to display my button on your site, here you go:

    An 88x31 button reading VashtiAn 88x31 button reading Vashti

    These were designed by my friend Maple! The bird drawing is mine, but the rest is all her. I'm happy to have such beautiful buttons for my site.

    A word about plagiarism

    Please do not plagiarize my writing. It’s happened before & I don’t like it. It’s an insult to me, but most of all, it’s an insult to you. By plagiarizing me, you’re showing everyone what an uninteresting person you are.

    This is a place for me to be my authentic self, so surely you can understand why I wouldn't want that to be plagiarized. It feels the same as if you were to copy my diary entries. It’s invasive & strange. If you’re going to make a site, make your own site. You have things that are worth saying & you don't need to copy Vashti.