I like scanning things!

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(Note: Another goodie E had brought me from Japan, I think. & she also brought me a really cute Pochacco & Hello Kitty sticker. And a sticker that says "shut up" in Japanese. I hope to scan & upload those soon! It's like documentation of her thoughtfulness, haha).

(Note: This is a gift bag I purchased from a local thrift store years ago. I never intended to use it; I just bought it because it's one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. It's a source of artistic inspiration & I have it hanging near my desk. Helios from heliosaltar has informed me that the artist is Melozzo da Forli, after I had been searching for the artist for years. Thank you!

(Note: For my 21st birthday, my friend V gifted me Twice's mini album Between 1 & 2. (Gasp! Vashti likes K-Pop!) While I'm not super duper into K-Pop, (I'm pretty casual about it compared to other K-Pop fans), this gift meant a lot to me. My friend V is an avid collector of K-Pop albums & such & is pretty gung-ho about it. She remembered me mentioning how much I liked Between 1 & 2 and gifted me the album months later, on my birthday. Having never owned a K-Pop album myself, I was surprised to find how different it was... It was just full of so much stuff! It came with a full on (in color) photo book containing lyrics, these small Polaroid sized photos, a mini poster, & various other little pictures. The album itself is oddly shaped, too- Not square like a typical American album).

(Note: These are the front & back covers of my Yoshitomo Nara art book that I got from Powell's, a bookstore in Portland, in July 2023. Yoshitomo Nara has been my favorite artist for a few years, so much so that I intend to get his work tatooed).

(Note: These are little onigiri bags that my friend E brought me from her last trip to Japan, some time in the summer of 2023. Vashti loves onigiri! E makes the most delicious tuna mayo onigiri in the world).