"I want you to do this with me for one month. One month. Write 10 observations a week and by the end of four weeks, you will have an answer. Because when someone writes about the rustic gutter and the water pouring through it onto the muddy grass, the real pours into the room. And it’s thrilling. We’re all enlivened by it. We don’t have to find more than the rustic gutter and the muddy grass and the pouring cold water." Marie Howe

05/31/2024; The aching in my fingers feels deep, towards the bone, ebbing & flowing with my heartbeat.

05/30/2024; The rain was so soft that I thought the sound of it was wind.

05/30/2024; I held a washcloth over the bath & watched water drip from it. Some of the drips were steady and some were unsteady.

05/29/2024; A straw cast a shadow so dark & so clean over my hand that for a moment I thought it was drawn on with marker.