I found my MP3 player from high school & was able to charge it! (My Switch Lite charger fit). It has less songs than I remember, but I am indescribably happy to have found it. I believe it's from year eleven, so roughly 2018-2019. It's so interesting to me that you can pinpoint certain obsessions to phases in your life: When I was into skateboarding, when I read Catcher in the Rye, when I read Frankenstein, when I rediscovered Lisa Frank- certain periods of my life are defined & identified by the love I held for things. I think adults often laugh at teenagers for their phases, but I think it's a wonderful thing. Sometimes the phase lasts for years; Sometimes it becomes a part of who you are as an adult; Sometimes it just passes. No love is love wasted, though.

It's interesting to see which artists I still listen to & which I had forgotten with time. I forgot that I used to be into older music like Elvis or the Beatles or the Beach Boys or the Smiths.

Here's Vashti's eleventh grade playlist, in alphabetical order: