Hello all, Vashti is writing to you from a place of happiness & serendipity. On my scans page, I had written...

"(Note: This is a gift bag I purchased from a local thrift store years ago. I never intended to use it; I just bought it because it's one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. It's a source of artistic inspiration & I have it hanging near my desk. If you're reading this & happen to know who the artist is, please tell me! Leave a comment on my Neocities page, leave a message in my guestbook, send an email to mailvashti@gmail.com. I don't care how you contact me, but if you know the artist, please, please, please tell me. I will genuinely be grateful till the day I die)."

& friends, Vashti is happy to say that the artist has been found! The beloved Helios from heliosaltar sent me an email saying that the artist is Melozzo da Forli, a 15th century fresco artist. The happiness I am feeling having finally been given this artist's name is inexpressible. I had a pretty miserable day & my mood has shifted completely.

If you're reading this Helios, thank you again!